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Fate and effects of heavy metals on the Arkansas River




Clements, W. H. (William H.), author
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, publisher

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This research examined fate and effects of heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Zn) in the Arkansas River, a Colorado stream receiving metals form historic mining operations. Benthic invertebrate communities were sampled at several stations located upstream and downstream form California Gulch, a U.S. EPA "Superfund" site in Leadville, CO. Impacted stations were characterized by reduced species richness, reduced abundance, and a shift in community composition from metal-sensitive taxa (e.g. Ephemeroptera) to metal-tolerant taxa (Orthocladiini chironomids and Trichoptera).


Completion Report No. 163.
15 December, 1991.

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Heavy metals -- Environmental aspects
Copper -- Bioaccumulation
Aquatic organisms -- Effect of heavy metals on
Cadmium -- Environmental aspects
Zinc -- Environmental aspects
Arkansas River
California Gulch (Lake County, Colo.)


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