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A student model of technical Japanese reading proficiency for an intelligent tutoring system


circa 2000


Kang, Yun-Sun, author
Maciejewski, Anthony A., author
CALICO, publisher

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This paper presents the development of a student model that is used in a Japanese language intelligent tutoring system to assess a pupil's proficiency at reading technical Japanese. A computer-assisted knowledge acquisition system is designed to generate a domain knowledge base for a Japanese language intelligent tutoring system. The domain knowledge represents a model of the expertise that a native English speaker must acquire in order to be proficient at reading technical Japanese. The algorithms described here are able to generate a set of grammatical transformation rules that clarify changes of syntactic structures between a Japanese text and its corresponding English translation, use them to assess the student's proficiency, and then appropriately individualize the student's instructions.


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artificial intelligence
natural language processing
intelligent tutoring systems
technical literature


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