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Shively, Christa, author
Cooperman, Matthew, advisor
Dungy, Camille, committee member
Alexander, Ruth, committee member

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This manuscript investigates the ways in which themes such as motherhood, family history, American history, illness, addiction, ecology, war and manual labor might all be threaded together. The desire was to incorporate all of these areas of research and interest into a project that explores how these things are intertwined and part of the same body. The connections we have to others in life, as well as the connection we have with our own identity always intersects at the body. Dive a compilation of documents (found, inherited and created), poems inspired by World War II, and recorded interviews with family. There are also the oral stories, which are another kind of inheritance passed down through generations. These poems retell the stories, but also recognize the other kinds of family histories that get passed from one generation to the next, such as hereditary illnesses, addiction and national traumas (i.e. Columbine and 9/11.) The body is ultimately the place where private and public grief intersects.


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