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Servo blower control for powered air purifying respirators




Wagner, Nicholas Adam, author
Bradley, Thomas H., advisor
Williams, John D., committee member
Young, Peter M., committee member

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Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) are a form of respiratory protection that uses a motor-coupled fan to provide filtered air to a user through a positive pressure mask. Three types of PAPR devices have been developed of which breath-responsive PAPRs are the most recent. The benefits of breath-responsive PAPRs have been identified and regulatory performance requirements have been put in place for these devices, however, no devices have been certified by any regulatory agencies. This study proposes a novel conceptual design for a breath-responsive PAPR and describes a dynamic simulation of the characteristics of this new PAPR compared to a constant flow design as exercised by a simulated breathing cycle. Additionally, this study describes a prototype of the breath-responsive concept with experimental evaluation of the prototype against regulatory requirements and conceptual design targets.


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breath responsive
control system
powered air purifying respirator
respiratory protection


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