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Organ donation and the teenage perspective: factors to consider regarding consent




Hodgson, Margie Cisneros, author
Makela, Carole, advisor
Buchan, Victoria, advisor
Kees, Nathalie, committee member
Quijano, Louise, committee member

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The purpose of this study was to understand the factors that teenagers consider when granting consent to become an organ donor for the first time. Ninety-seven participants completed a 31-item survey that included areas of knowledge, source of information, personal experience, willingness, and consent. Least square means and Chi-square were used to compare groups (e.g., experimental/control, pre-survey/post-survey) regarding consent. Other variables that were explored included; gender, ethnicity, religion, grade point average, and parent level of education. The intervention consisted of basic information regarding organ donation, a video entitled No Greater Love, and small group discussion regarding various donor/recipient scenarios. Findings indicated that increased knowledge does not always lead to consent, nor does knowing a donor (living or deceased) or someone on the waitlist influence consent among adolescents. The results suggested that teenagers do not have a good understanding of the topic of organ donation nor do they see themselves as living donors. Teens may not fully understand the implications and ramifications of their decision to be a donor when receiving a driver’s permit or license for the first time. This study brought to light factors that teens take into consideration when deciding to become an organ donor.


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