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Artificial intelligence powered personalized agriculture




Tetala, Satya Surya Dattatreya Reddy, author
Simske, Steven, advisor
Conrad, Steve, committee member
Gaines, Todd, committee member
Nalam, Vamsi, committee member

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture has shown the potential to improve crop selection and enhance sustainability practices. In this study, we aim to investigate the benefits and feasibility of using AI-powered personalized recommendations for crop selection and sustainability practices in the context of agroecology. We propose to lay the foundation for an agricultural recommendation engine that considers several parameters that influence yield and presents the best crop(s) to sow based on the model's output. We aim to examine this recommendation engine's impact on agriculture's sustainability and to evaluate its effectiveness and accuracy. Our ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of using AI-powered recommendations in agriculture and to lay the foundation for the development of a practical, effective, and user-friendly recommendation engine that can help farmers make informed decisions about their crops and improve the long-term sustainability of agriculture.


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crop yield prediction
recommendation systems
crop profitability
sustainable farming
personalized agriculture


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