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A pilot project of weather modification for the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado River Basin: final report




Grant, Lewis O., author
Chappell, Charles F., author
Crow, Loren W., author
Fritsch, J. Michael, author
Mielke, Paul W., Jr., author
Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, publisher

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This is the final report on the preparation of a design program to apply results from experimental programs for augmenting orographic precipitation to a Pilot Project that would have the goal of providing "...sound scientific and engineering evaluation of precipitation creases over a large area by operational-type application of cloud seeding techniques...", (Kahan, 1969). The report describes: (1) the purpose of the project; (2) the scientific and technological basis; (3) the design constraints; and, (4) the details of the design. The design itself includes descriptions of: (1) the experimental hypothesis; (2) the site selection; (3) the experimental procedures (randomization. etc.); (4) the data collection requirements; (5) the operations procedures; and, (6) the evaluation techniques to be employed.


February 1974.

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Weather control -- San Juan Mountains
Precipitation (Meteorology) -- San Juan Mountains
Colorado River Valley (Colo.-Mexico)


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