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The Sea Gecko at Pirate Cove Aquarium and Resort




Shepard, Charles B., author
Leigh, Katharine E., author

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My senior Capstone project dives into the waters of Costa Rica where design has taken a new step toward embracing the future of sustainable living. This special resort yacht offers scuba diving, dining and bar facilities, glass bottom boat viewing, hot tub, and accommodates sailing. The concept that separates this boat from the competition is its sustainable design. The boat runs completely off clean energy, through solar and wind power. The electric engines use solar and wind power as a backup system to giant sails that provide the main source of transport across ocean waters. The boat type is trimaran, with three hulls, a large center cabin, and two smaller cabins on port and starboard sides. This hull design makes the boat virtually impossible to capsize, and allows a larger deck expanse. The boat is almost as wide as it is tall yet remains very streamlined allowing the hull to cut through the water, leaving minimal wake. The 'glass bottom boat' feature is unique in the sense that it acts as an inverse aquarium. Large aquarium windows on the sides and bottom give the space an open ocean-viewing experience to all who come aboard. My objective for this project was to demonstrate the capabilities that this aquatic facility brings to sustainable study.


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sea gecko (yacht)
Seaside resorts -- Costa Rica


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