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Warrior nation




Voris, Michael, author
Doenges, Judy, advisor
Schwartz, Steven, committee member
Alexander, Ruth, committee member

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At its core, this thesis is an exploration of power. Because all literary characters must have the capacity to illuminate the basic human need to transform, I've aimed to give each of environments in which they can, through various inner struggles, become the people they want to be. Warrior Nation is a novel that follows the Moon family, four individuals who are transitioning into new eras of their lives. Due to space constraints, the twelve chapters here only represent the first half of the novel's narrative arc but I've attempted to capture the origins of each character's ultimate transformation. The point of view in each chapter follows one character in a third-person limited fashion that is intended to give the reader a comprehensive window into the family's dynamics. In a broad sense, this thesis explores masculinity, politics, nature and its imposing presence in the west, rural communities, brotherhood, work ethic, inheritance, and human relationships. All people fight battles each day, and this work attempts to prove that those battles are the building blocks that create one's identity.


2012 Spring.

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