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Time-resolved extreme ultraviolet emission from a highly ionized lithium capillary discharge




Marconi, Mario Carlos, author
Rocca, Jorge J., author
American Institute of Physics, publisher

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A fast discharge current pulse (50 ns FWHM) was used to create a highly ionized plasma in a 500-μm-diam lithium hydride capillary 3.8 cm in length. Time-resolved extreme ultraviolet spectra of the capillary plasma show simultaneous line emission from highly ionized (O VI) and singly ionized (O II) species, indicating the existence of a hot-core plasma (Te>25 eV) surrounded by a significantly cooler plasma near the walls. The intensity of the 72.9 nm emission corresponding to the Li III 3-2 transition was observed to increase during the decay of the current pulse, consistent with excitation by electron-ion recombination. The results are relevant to the possibility of amplification of extreme ultraviolet radiation in a discharge-pumped device.


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ultraviolet radiation
lithium hydrides
plasma production
ultraviolet spectra
lithium ions
electric discharges


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