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Applications of high repetition rate tabletop soft X-ray lasers become a reality in several fields




Shlyaptsev, V. N., author
Tomasel, F. G., author
Uspenskii, Yu A., author
Vinogradov, A. V., author
Artioukov, I. A., author
Ozols, A., author
Kanizay, K., author
Marconi, M. C., author
Filevich, J., author
Mancini, G. L., author

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For many years researchers have envisioned the development of compact high repetition rate tabletop soft x-ray laser, that could be routinely used in application in numerous disciplines. With demonstrated average powers of several mW and millijoule-level pulse energy at 46.9nm, the Ne-like Ar capillary discharge-pumped laser is the first compact laser to reach this goal. In this paper we summarize the development status of high repetition rate tabletop soft x-ray lasers based on capillary discharge excitation, and give examples of their successful use in several applications. Results of the use of a caprllary discharge pumped 46.9nm laser m dense plasma interferometry, soft x-ray reflectometry for the determination of optical constants, characterization of diffraction gratings, laser ablation of materials, and plasma generation are described. The observation of lasing at 52.9nm line in Ne-like Cl with output pulse energy up to 10 μJ is also reported.


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