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Observation of a multiply ionized plasma with index of refraction greater than one




Shlyaptsev, V. N., author
Hunter, J. R., author
Keenan, R., author
Smith, R. F., author
Dunn, J., author
Scofield, J. H., author
Nilsen, J., author
Moon, S. J., author
Marconi, M. C., author
Rocca, Jorge J., author

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We present clear experimental evidence showing that the contribution of bound electrons can dominate the index of refraction of laser-created plasmas at soft x-ray wavelengths. We report anomalous fringe shifts in soft x-ray laser interferograms of Al laser-created plasmas. The comparison of measured and simulated interferograms shows that this results from the dominant contribution of low charge ions to the index of refraction. This usually neglected bound electron contribution can affect the propagation of soft x-ray radiation in plasmas and the interferometric diagnostics of plasmas for many elements.


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