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Great Slave Lake oblique aerial photographs


This data group includes photographs taken from a fixed wing float plane that circumnavigated the Great Slave Lake on August 29, 2014. Photos were taken from three different cameras and hand held Nikon DSLR, A contour 2+ action camera mounted on the wing of the aircraft that took photos every 3 seconds and a GoPro Here 2+ wide angle action camera mounted in the window that took photos every 5 seconds. A thorough description of the flight path is provided in the Chapter 3 Appendix of Natalie Kramer's dissertation (link here) and in the supplemental information file ( for GRL article "Driftcretions: The legacy impact of driftwood on the landscape" ( The file contains location coordinates in a GIS shapefile and KMZ file for each photo in the provided folders.


This project aims to qualitatively describe and quantitatively estimate volumes of driftwood that are exported to the Arctic Ocean through the Mackenzie River Basin in northern Canada. Work from this project has been featured in a National Geographic blog ( Questions and inquiries about this project can be sent to Natalie Kramer ( A promotional video of this research can be viewed here (
The impacts of large amounts of driftwood on waterscapes - ecological and physical - are absolutely stunning both in scale and in aesthetics. In rivers draining the mostly undammed Mackenzie basin in Canada, landscape features associated with wood are abundant and reflect conditions that were likely more common in northern latitudes world-wide for the last 10,000 years up to about 200 years ago. As the world's last free flowing rivers are rapidly dammed for hydropower, we seek (eventually) to answer: how will diminishing transport of driftwood impact the biodiversity of river corridors and marine environments? How much more at risk are wood depleted coastlines from erosion associated with sea level rise and extreme weather? And, what impact will wood depletion have on freshwater and marine fisheries?
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Kramer, Natalie, Great River Wood Dynamics in Northern Canada. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation), Colorado State University, 2016.