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No como veneno: strengthening local organic markets in the Peruvian Andes




Loomis, Jennifer C., author
Murray, Douglas, advisor
Raynolds, Laura, committee member
Thilmany, Dawn, committee member

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Economic and social development in Peru can partially be achieved through the promotion of local organic Farmers’ Markets. Local markets provide unique spaces in which producers and consumers interact and foster relationships developing a stable supply of high quality organic produce. However, market opportunities are limited by an underdeveloped consumer base. The goal of this study is to identify the patterns and values among current organic consumers in order to develop further actions that would increase demand for and supply of organic agricultural products. I have found that organizational obstacles, limited organic supply of organic goods, and lack of marketing all contribute to the underdeveloped consumer base which thereby limits market opportunities for small-scale organic farmers. By providing a case study of a Farmer’s Market in Peru, we can understand the values and beliefs present among current organic consumers, identify opportunities for expanding the market, and in turn, organic agricultural production.


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Natural foods -- Peru --Marketing
Organic farming -- Peru
Natural foods -- Peru


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