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Data management and the research record in research misconduct investigations




Busch, Kenneth L., author
Colorado State University, publisher

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Presented at the National data integrity conference: enabling research: new challenges & opportunities held on May 7-8, 2015 at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. Researchers, administrators and integrity officers are encountering new challenges regarding research data and integrity. This conference aims to provide attendees with both a high level understanding of these challenges and impart practical tools and skills to deal with them. Topics will include data reproducibility, validity, privacy, security, visualization, reuse, access, preservation, rights and management.
Kenneth Busch is the Senior Investigative Scientist, Office of Inspector General, National Science Foundation. He began at NSF OIG in 2002 after a research career in mass spectrometry at several U.S. universities. He no longer has the data from his first research publication that appeared in 1978, and his ongoing quest for world domination is being delayed because his cell phone has a rotary dial. The Research Integrity and Administrative Investigations Division is primarily responsible for investigating allegations that, if substantiated, would result in administrative action rather than civil or criminal prosecution. These include allegations of research misconduct relating to NSF proposals and awards; certain types of employee misconduct; misuse of program funds; violations of NSF regulations, policies or directives; and other issues that are not of a civil/criminal nature.
PowerPoint presentation given on May 8, 2015.

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