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Influence of climatic zones on the distribution and abundance of damage agents and forest types in Colorado, United States and Jalisco, Mexico




Masoud, Moussa, author
Reich, Robin M., advisor
Jacobi, William R., committee member
Martin, Patrick H., committee member

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This study investigated: the relationship between temperature, precipitation and insect abundance in the forests of Colorado, USA and Jalisco, Mexico to quantify the latitudinal effects on disease and insect population, and developed a simple climate change model to predict the influence of changes in temperature and precipitation on the abundance of forest pests in the states of Jalisco and Colorado. In Jalisco, the source of information available on the distribution and abundance of forest types and causal agents were from a set of permanent sample plots located throughout the state. In Colorado a vegetation map was available which provided detailed information of the distribution of forests types across climate zones. Aerial survey data was also available providing complete coverage of the state with respect to the area damaged by the various causal agents. Results of this study indicated that temperature and precipitation have a significant influence on the distribution and abundance of forest types and forest insects and diseases in both Jalisco and Colorado. The linear and spatial correlations observed between climate zone and the distribution and abundance of forest types and causal agents were weaker in Jalisco than those observed in Colorado. This may be due to the type of data used in the analysis.


2012 Fall.
Includes bibliographical references.

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