Case study: San Antonio River Authority enterprise GIS implementation

Cesur, Durmus, author
Colorado State University, publisher
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The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) has established a Geographical Information System (GIS) program to implement an Enterprise GIS. This involves an enterprise database, web components and associated standards, applications and tools to provide spatial data, metadata and standards related to the San Antonio River Basin. The Enterprise GIS database will store the San Antonio River Basin spatial data with an emphasis on water resources at a centralized database for various uses and users. The pilot scale systems have been developed for several departments to demonstrate the capabilities of the system, to provide hands-on experience to internal users, to test various implementation alternatives, and to refine the process of the implementation, so that a streamlined, cost and time efficient full-scale system implementation will be achieved. The system will form the spatial data framework for evaluation, assessment, selection, prioritization and implementation of the projects throughout the river basin. The system will provide cost and time savings by facilitating informed decisions for San Antonio River Basin projects and their implementation.
2005 annual AGU hydrology days was held at Colorado State University on March 7 - March 9, 2005.
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