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Taliesun Landrey: capstone




Landrey, Taliesun, artist

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The artist's statement: Ever since I was young, I always adored editing videos. I started out on a Movie maker and imovie and I always wanted to push that limit. I wanted to explore past the capabilities of those programs. I would see something on television and I wanted to learn how to achieve that. Soon I was asking my parents for video editing software with more capabilities, such as Adobe products and Sony Vegas. Thus began my journey on what I wanted to study for my undergraduate degree, which led me to the Electronic Art concentration. In the past, my work was more about my personal interests in nature. For instance, I completed a past piece called, Flower/Flour, which was a short stop animation, that had a flower turn into flour. Since then, my work has taken a more serious approach in terms of topics, than my original playfulness. Recently, my work has been focused on social issues around how the western society often responds to events. I feel as there is a lack of acknowledgement on multiple issues, we often focus too much on mundane issues with the online world, but are not always able to recognize past that. One of my most successful pieces revolves around Amber Alerts and how we lack compassion or acknowledgement toward these. I often found myself asking questions like, "What am I supposed to do about the Amber Alert? The chances of me finding the suspect is slim." That is when I realized that not only do I ignore these alerts, but others do too, despite me wanting to advocate for children. Although, I am not sure how to improve upon the Amber Alert system, the least I could do was raise awareness to the situation, which is the goal of my current work. I also recently focused another piece around the publicity of 911 calls and how we are desensitized to the horrid events happening around us, that we are able to perform normal tasks while we hear these events through our radios and see them displayed on our televisions.


Colorado State University Art and Art History Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.

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