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John McDonald - farmer, Oregon Association of Conservation Districts




McDonald, John, speaker

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In Panel discussion #1, representatives from three stakeholders of an ecosystem marketplace discuss the creation of the market, how their organizations participate, and why they are participating. Participants include a farmer (supply side), water utility (demand side), and market organizer.
In this video John McDonald, a farmer, speaks as one of three stakeholders of an ecosystem marketplace.


Presented at a workshop entitled "Stepping toward the future: marketing environmental services on working lands of the American West" on May 23-25, 2011 on the CSU campus. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together regional and national leaders from the ranching community, conservation organizations, businesses, universities, and government to explore ways to catalyze the development of payments for ecosystem services in Colorado and across the American West. Over 80 participants attended the conference, which also highlighted the CCC's work to create an ecosystem marketplace in northern Colorado.
Includes recorded video presentation.

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ecosystem services
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