2018 report on the health of Colorado's forests

Aspelin, Carolyn, author
Barry, Pete, author
Duda, Joseph, author
Garrison, Kristin, author
Lockwood, Ryan, author
Matthews, Susan, author
Previant, Wilfred, author
Underhill, Jeff, author
West, Amanada, author
West, Dan, author
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Annual reports on the health of Colorado's forests summarize the current health and condition of forests across the state. The primary measures for assessing broad forest health conditions are the severity and scope of insect and disease issues impacting forest ecosystems. For this reason, the backbone of this report offers a detailed summary of 2018 insect and disease activity in Colorado. This year's report also offers a special focus on how the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS), working with key partners, is able to help protect communities from wildfires and other threats, through the use of forest management.
Includes "Special section: protecting our communities."
The reports describes "an annual investigation of critical forest health issues, including the identification of priority areas across the state where current forest conditions demand timely action." They are intended to "expand Coloradans' knowledge of and interest in our state's forest resources."
Reports produced by the Colorado State Forest Service in conjunction with Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry.
Includes bibliographical references.
forests and forestry, measurement, Colorado, forest health, forest management, dead trees, at-risk trees