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The design of repeatable controls for kinematically redundant robots




Roberts, Rodney G, author
Maciejewski, Anthony A., author
IEEE, publisher

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Kinematically redundant manipulators, by definition, possess an infinite number of generalized inverse control strategies for solving the Jacobian equation. These control strategies are not, In general, repeatable in the sense that closed trajectories for the end effector do not result In closed trajectories in the joint space. Two methods for generating control strategies which are repeatable are presented In this work. The first method, which requires one to solve set of partial differential equations, may be difficult to apply to complicated manipulators thus motivating the second method, which assumes a certain form for the control strategies. Both of these methods result in a technique for designing a repeatable control which is nearest, in an integral norm sense, to a desired optimal control. The desired optimal control is allowed to take the form of any generalized inverse. An example is presented for both methods which illustrates the capability of designing repeatable controls that approximate the behavior of desired optimal inverses in selected regions of the workspace. Finally a comparison of the two methods is made by studying the results of an example.


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