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Low-latitude ionospheric scintillation signal simulation, characterization, and detection on GPS signals




Jiao, Yu, author
Morton, Yu, advisor
Rino, Charles, committee member
Luo, J. Rockey, committee member
Shonkwiler, Clayton, committee member

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Severe signal fluctuations during ionospheric scintillation poses a threat to GNSS signal tracking and degrades position, navigation, and timing solution accuracy, especially in low-latitude regions. To understand the behavior of ionospheric scintillation better, this dissertation research presents several methods regarding scintillation signal simulation, signal characterization and signal detection. The signal simulation is based on the two-dimensional two-component power-law phase screen theory, which is capable of simulating multi-frequency GPS scintillation signals for both stationary and dynamic platforms. The signal characterization is conducted in both time and spatial frequency domains, which lays a foundation for the scintillation signal simulation and detection, and verifies the simulation effectiveness. The scintillation signal detection system is implemented via the support vector machine framework, which can capture amplitude and phase scintillation events, enable future scintillation signal classification and processing, and further validate the effectiveness of the simulation process. The results of this research will provide a thorough investigation of how to characterize, simulate, and detect low-latitude scintillation signals, and will be helpful for the scientific research of space weather and the development of robust GNSS receivers.


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ionospheric scintillation
scintillation detection
global positioning system
scintillation simulation
scintillation characteristics


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