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The Choice City mistake parade




Mircos, Gus, author
Doenges, Judy, advisor
Calderazzo, John, committee member
Aoki, Eric, committee member

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This thesis consists of a fictional novella continuing in the literary conversation of persona character texts. The story is about a young nameless male whose oversensitive and extreme personality causes him great pleasure and pain in almost all everyday interactions. Throughout the narrative, we follow this nameless man through a series of romantic triumphs and failures, centering around his current love affair with a woman named, "Pinky." Pinky challenges the narrator in many different facets of his emotionality to the point where he chooses to analyze not only his current relationship with her, but other relationships of his past as well, including his upbringing in a small town, and his Greek heritage which has greatly shaped his sense of self, as a way to come to terms with his extreme sensitivity to romantic interaction. Throughout the story, the narrator focuses on his late grandmother as a source of balance and stability in his unstable world. He tries to cultivate the relationship between himself and the volatile Pinky so it can become as emotionally rewarding as the nostalgia of his childhood that seems to constantly permeate his consciousness.


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