Foreword in "Connection to nature, deep ecology, and conservation social science: human-nature bonding and protecting the natural world"

Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
Lexington Books, publisher
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"Connectedness with nature presents itself as a radical but necessary prerequisite for realizing desired conservation and environmental behavior outcomes." "But," I find myself wanting to reply. Humans are disconnected with nature through the kinds of connections they have. No other species has power to jeopardize the planet. Challenged by Diehm I twist and turn, torn between the natural world I seek to enjoy and the classic self-defeating character of self-interest. The wild fauna and flora have a good of their own: they are located in a good place, appreciating them is my flourishing. That is a win-win situation. Oppositely, losing them is losing the quality of life that comes based on them, as well as their being lost in their own right; that is a lose-lose situation. Some things have to be won together.
Includes bibliographical references.
ethics and moral philosophy, nature, environmental conservation and protection, deep ecology