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Design and performance guide for new technology in irrigation pipe




Sanders, Darrell, author
Toliver, Tim, author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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The state of our irrigation infrastructure is in a declining state of disrepair. Next generation materials and products are necessary to accommodate new demands for irrigation systems and meet long-term performance requirements. This paper will explain key features to be expected in the new irrigation and drainage technology. One of these features includes combining traditional pipe materials to form a composite pipe structure capable of exceeding the performance of single material products. This new technology is an intelligent design of steel reinforcement to control hoop stress and HDPE to create a corrosion barrier and attenuate transient pressure waves. Maintaining control of the transient pressure waves (or water hammer) related impulse load on the pipe, and associated irrigation system, reduces the initial system cost and extends the service life for the entire system. Test data that demonstrates the reduction in magnitude of these peak pressures as a result of this new technology will be presented. Advancements in pipe jointing technology also utilizing a composite of materials will also be discussed. Additionally, potential failure modes of some pipe joints will be identified. In summary, research data will be presented that demonstrates the attenuation of peak loads on pipe joint and provide design guidance for a new generation of irrigation pipe. Additionally, the paper will present design guidance and design life predictions for irrigation and drainage pipe. This paper will benefit owners and engineers looking to increase the irrigation industry requirements for future irrigation projects.


Presented at Irrigation district sustainability - strategies to meet the challenges: USCID irrigation district specialty conference held on June 3-6, 2009 in Reno, Nevada.

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