Avian density and productivity studies and analysis on the Pawnee Site in 1972

Porter, David K., author
Ryder, Ronald A., author
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, publisher
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Accuracy of several avian census methods was investigated on ten 8.1-ha plots and along a 39.4-km roadside count. Methods included spot-mapping, flushing, total counts, ratios, and roadside and Emlen strip count procedures. Another index of breeding activities was obtained through live-trapping, banding, and color-marking. Data were gathered on nesting success, nesting phenology, nest site selectivity, and growth dates for nestlings.
March 1974.
On cover: Grassland Biome, Ecosystem analysis studies, U.S. International Biological Program.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 69-70).
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Bird populations -- Colorado -- Pawnee National Grassland
Birds -- Productivity -- Colorado -- Pawnee National Grassland
Birds -- Colorado -- Pawnee National Grassland -- Statistics
Bird surveys -- Colorado -- Pawnee National Grassland
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