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Lepidoptera of North America 17. 2019 butterfly inventories within Boulder County open spaces, Boulder, Colorado




Chu, Janet, author
C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, publisher

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Butterfly Inventories took place for the 16th consecutive year within Boulder County Open Space properties. Over the years 2004-2019, 129 butterfly species have been sighted in eight of the Open Spaces; 76 were counted in this year alone. More photographers than ever before on the team this season captured nearly 93 of the known 202 butterflies in Boulder County. These Butterfly Research Volunteers helped collect data during 340 field hours. Venice Kelly studying on Sherwood Road and in the main Caribou Ranch contributed at least 53 hours on site. Other volunteers did not complete the past transects due to several reasons: trail being moved in the mid-season to a newer, grassier area from Geer Watershed, Heil Valley Ranch; unsafe high-speed bicycle interactions on the Loop Trail, Walker Ranch; personal reasons on Anne U. White Trail. Late wet, cold spring weather slowed butterfly emergences, resulting in some normally typically spring species flying with the early summer species. Certain summer species flew later into the early fall. August and September were mostly hot and dry allowing the continued flight by many brush-foot (Nymphalidae) butterflies.


March 20, 2020.
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Lepidoptera -- Colorado -- Boulder County
Butterflies -- Colorado -- Boulder County


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