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Historical and archaeological perspectives on the Itzas of Petén, Guatemala

dc.contributor.authorRice, Prudence M., editor
dc.contributor.authorRice, Don S., editor
dc.contributor.authorUniversity Press of Colorado, publisher
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references and index.
dc.description.abstractA detailed and thorough account of the Itzas--a Maya group that dominated much of the west lowland area of Petén, Guatemala. A theoretical perspective on the origins and an overview of the social, political, linguistic, and environmental history revealed in recent surveys and excavations.--Provided by publisher.
dc.description.tableofcontentsPart I. Cultural and Environmental Perspectives. 1. Introduction: The Itza Mayas and the Petén Itza Mayas, Their Environments and Their Neighbors; The Maya Lowlands: Environmental Perspectives; Who Were the Itzas? Etymological Perspectives; The Itzas of Petén; The Itzas of the Northern Lowlands and Their Allies -- 2. Itzaj Maya from a Historical Perspective; Yukateko versus Southern Yukatekan Language Varieties; Itzaj and Mopan; Contact with Ch'olan Languages; Concluding Discussion -- 3. The Lake Petén Itzá Watershed; Geology and Modern Ecology; Modern Limnology; Lacustrine Flora and Fauna; Historical Ecology; Climate Change; Summary -- Part II. Theoretical Perspectives on the Epiclassic Itzas: Factions, Migrations, Origins, and Texts. 4. Theoretical Contexts; Migration: Travel Tropes and Mobility Memes; Identities; Factions and Factionalism; Spatiality -- 5. Itza Origins; The Books of the Chilam Balam; Some Previous Reconstructions of Itza Origins; Concluding Thoughts -- 6. Lowland Maya Epiclassic Migrations; Western Lowlands; Southwestern Petén; Central Petén Lakes Region Eastern Petén, Belize, and the Southeast Northern Lowlands; Rethinking Epiclassic Migrations and the Itzas -- 7. Epiclassic Material Perspectives on the Itzas; Material Data and Identities; "Reassembling" the Itzas and Epiclassic Migrations; Concluding Thoughts -- Part III. Spanish Perspectives: Contact and Conquest "de paz y de paso". 8. Spanish Contacts and Conquest of Tayza; Early Spanish Colonial Institutions; First Spanish Encounter: Hernán Cortés; Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries: Attempts at Evangelization and Subjugation; 1695-96: Military Efforts and Road-Building; 1697: Ursúa's Final Conquest -- 9. Deconstructing Avendaño; Fray Avendaño and His Relación; Avendaño's Relación: Entering Itza Territory; Comparison: Hernáen Cortés 1525 Entrada; Deconstructing Avendaño's Account: Comparing Entradas; Avendaño's Relación: Departing Tayza; Where Was Alain/Yalain?; Concluding Thoughts -- 10. Knowing the Other; European Maps and Mapmaking; Avendaño's Map: Caveats and Conventions; The Periphery: Descriptions, Ethnopolities, and Toponyms; "Laguna del Ytzá como lo vi" -- Part IV. Material Perspectives: Postclassic and Contact-Period Archaeology and Artifacts. 11. Postclassic Pottery and Identities; The Petén Postclassic: Early Archaeology and Ceramic Studies; Postclassic Ceramic Wares, Groups, Types, and Forms; Contact- and Colonial-Period Pottery; Pottery Production and Contexts; Concluding Thoughts -- 12 Postclassic Architectural Traditions and the Petén Itzas; Building Elements; Types of Constructions; Architectural Assemblages; Summary -- 13. Small Projectile Points of Petén; Factions in the Lakes Region; Small Point Weaponry; Methods.
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dc.subject.lcshItza Indians -- Guatemala -- Petén (Department) -- Antiquities
dc.subject.lcshArchaeology and history -- Guatemala -- Petén (Department)
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dc.subject.lcshPetén (Guatemala : Department) -- Antiquities
dc.titleHistorical and archaeological perspectives on the Itzas of Petén, Guatemala


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