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SGS-LTER effects of water and nitrogen additions on plants in shortgrass ecosystems on the Central Plains Experimental Range, Nunn, Colorado, USA 1997-2011, ARS study number 143


This data package was produced by researchers working on the Shortgrass Steppe Long Term Ecological Research (SGS-LTER) Project, administered at Colorado State University. Long-term datasets and background information (proposals, reports, photographs, etc.) on the SGS-LTER project are contained in a comprehensive project collection within the Repository ( The data table and associated metadata document, which is generated in Ecological Metadata Language, may be available through other repositories serving the ecological research community and represent components of the larger SGS-LTER project collection. The objective of this research is to evaluate the response of shortgrass ecosystems to additional water and nitrogen inputs at levels observed in Hayes, Kansas, as well as effects of elevated temperature. An experiment was conducted during the LTER project in which water, nitrogen, combined water and nitrogen were applied and warming cones were installed in ungrazed plots on the shortgrass steppe, just east of the field site headquarters. Nitrogen and water application levels are available in the zipped metadata file.


Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL)
Shortgrass Steppe-Long Term Ecological Research (SGS-LTER)

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