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High-brightness injection-seeded soft-x-ray-laser amplifier using a solid target




Rocca, Jorge J., author
Menoni, C. S., author
Patel, D., author
Luther, B. M., author
Berrill, M., author
Larotonda, M. A., author
Granados, E., author
Wang, Y., author
American Physical Society, publisher

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We demonstrate the generation of an intense soft-x-ray-laser beam by saturated amplification of high harmonic seed pulses in a dense transient collisional soft-x-ray-laser plasma amplifier created by heating a titanium target. Amplification in the 32.6 nm line of Ne-like Ti generates laser pulses of subpicosecond duration that are measured to approach full spatial coherence. The peak spectral brightness is estimated to be ~2 × 1026 photons/(s mm2 mrad2 0:01% bandwidth). The scheme is scalable to produce extremely bright lasers at very short wavelengths with full temporal and spatial coherence.


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