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Final report, Upper Gunnison basin in-stream flow project




Sparling, Edward W., author
Harpman, David A., author
Booker, Jim, author
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, publisher

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This is the final report for a project funded by the Ford Foundation, the purpose of which was to measure the value of the water flows in, and the habitats affected by water flows in the East and the Taylor Rivers near Gunnison, Colorado. Motivation for the study arose from public controversy over the proposed transmountain diversion of water from these streams to municipalities near Denver. The main goal of the study was to estimate a total uncompensated value of resource services lost if water flowing in the upper Gunnison River were diverted by one of two proposed projects. Estimated values include both market and non-market values.


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water flows
market values
non-market values
active water use
passive water use


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