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Control of the protein content of Thatcher wheat by nitrogen fertilization and moisture stress




Hutcheon, W. L., author
Paul, Eldor A., author
Agricultural Institute of Canada, publisher

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Experiments are reported in which it was shown that the protein content of spring wheat, grown in the growth chamber, could be effectively controlled by nitrogen supply and soil moisture stress. Protein contents above 16% were obtained only where yields were below the maximum attainable. In the protein range from 11 to 16%, it was possible to increase both protein and yields concurrently; protein contents higher than 16% were realized only where a growth factor such as moisture was below optimum for maximum yields. Moderate moisture stresses resulted in maximum efficiency of water use by the crop. High levels of nitrogen had more influence on the growth of straw than grain; the straw/grain ratio widened with increasing increments of nitrogen.


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environmental conditions
grain yield
protein content
nitrogen availability
soil moisture
fertilizer practices


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