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Three essays on invasive species management and risk




Chomphosy, William Haden, author
Weiler, Stephan, advisor
Shwiff, Stephanie, committee member
Anderson, Aaron, committee member
Iverson, Terry, committee member
Suter, Jordan, committee member

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Invasive alien species (IAS) threaten global biodiversity, ecological services, and economic welfare. Over the past several decades, these growing consequences have seen broader analysis of the determinants and consequences of, as well as responses to, this environmental hazard. This dissertation employs theoretical and empirical tools, demonstrating the role of economics in the management of invasive species. The first and second chapters analyze the effect of research investment as a component of management strategy for IAS population reduction using a continuous time dynamic optimization model. Chapter 3 exploits the historical occurrence of World War I and its impact on international trade to study invasive species risk as a global externality of military conflict and geopolitical institutional shift.


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