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Generation and application of a high-average-power polarized soft-x-ray laser beam




Bach, B., author
Pershing, Yu. P., author
Kondratenko, V. V., author
Vinogradov, A. V., author
Uspenskii, Yu. A., author
Rocca, Jorge J., author
Lecher, A. L., author
Seminario, M., author
Benware, B. R., author
Optical Society of America, publisher

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We demonstrate the generation of a highly polarized soft-x-ray beam with a compact high-repetition-rate tabletop soft-x-ray laser. The radiation emitted by a high-average-power discharge-pumped tabletop Ne-like Ar soft-x-ray laser operating at 46.9 nm was polarized with a pair of Si/Sc multilayer mirrors designed for 45° operation. A degree of polarization greater than 0.96 was obtained. The polarized beam was used to characterize the efficiency of a diffraction grating. Intense polarized soft-x-ray radiation generated by compact tabletop sources has the potential to affect numerous other applications.


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