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McKenna, Leah, artist

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The artist's statement: Graphic design is an art form that is present in everyday life. It is an unavoidable expression of artistic talent that can apply to any situation. Good design influences our feelings and attitudes perhaps without the viewer even realizing. It is an art that doesn't exist solely within museum walls, but is present every time someone flips through a magazine, sits in a subway station, or picks up a business card. Because of this, it affects how we see the world around us. With my work, I aim to transform the ordinary into an aesthetically pleasing experience. I strive to create pieces that invite viewers in and encourage them to learn more not just about the subject of the work, but the design itself. My work is a way for my client to communicate necessary information through my artistic expressions. I aim to develop a relationship with my client in order to create a vision for the project that satisfies both of our tastes. Design is a collaboration of efforts to carry out new and modern ideas with a specific goal in mind. Growing up, I've always had an interest in the arts and found meaning in bringing about beauty from the ordinary. What began as a hobby of arts and crafts, developed into a passion for design. It is always exciting to complete a piece and look back on the path it took to get to the end result. What usually starts as some rough sketches transforms as it moves to its digital and sometimes printed states. For me, a good idea usually consists of many rounds of editing and trial and error before landing upon a place of completion. I like to approach every project as a creative solution to a given task. There are often many solutions that would work just fine, but my goal is to find the one that works best. I strive to create the design that pushes the boundaries a step further, and therefore does its job well in speaking for the client and capturing its audience. Design to me is largely about the evolution of an idea and my ability to push that concept to new and exciting places. I often think about my design in terms of structure and organization. It is aligning various details to convey a particular message. To do this type of work one must have a great eye for detail and be extremely technical. I view my work similarly often taking a few steps back to assess whether or not I am sending the type of visual message that I intend. I want to make sure the eye travels where it should and doesn't get caught on any distractions or problem areas. I want the viewer to be able to take something away from my work after viewing it. From here I hope to broaden my horizons in terms of my design capabilities and artistic skills. I try to surround myself with inspiration as much as I can by researching current design trends and viewing the work of fellow artists who I can learn and grow from. The world of design is constantly evolving and taking on new form. I aim to be a part of that process as I make my way into the field and begin to seek new opportunities. I know that from here my work can only become stronger and more powerful.


2014 Spring.
Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.

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