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Trail to the Acropolis




Lee, Dennis Y., author
Becker, Leslee, advisor
Doenges, Judy, committee member
Kim, Joon, committee member

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This novel is about the lingering effect of death on the living. Their death lingers primarily because: (1) the living remember and refuse to let the dead disappear; (2) physical evidence of the dead are present in the environment of the living; and (3) substitutes of the dead are so different from the original that one can't help but notice the absence of the original. Set in the San Francisco-San Jose Bay Area from in the early- to mid-1960s, the novel opens with the death of a Marion Peck in December 1964. Told from the third person point of view of her son, Newton Peck, the novel interleaves two storylines - the past (1963 to 1964) and the present (1964-1965) - to reveal the events that led to her death as well as the consequences on the Peck household, particularly her son Newton, her husband Rolland, and their Korean butler/gardener, Mr. Wren.


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