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A hinge point of history




Rolston, Holmes, 1932-, author
Trinity University Press, publisher

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We live at a change of epochs. We enter a new era: the Anthropocene. From this point on, culture more than nature is the principal determinant of Earth's future. We are passing into a century when this will be increasingly obvious and this puts us at a hinge point of history. For some this is cause for congratulation, the fulfillment of our destiny as a species. For others this is cause for concern. We worried throughout much of the past century that humans would destroy themselves in interhuman conflict. The worry for the next century is that if our present heading is uncorrected, humans may ruin their planet and themselves along with it. Paradoxes and challenges confront and confound us in this new era. Although we congratulate ourselves on our powers, perhaps humans are not well equipped to manage the sorts of global-level problems we face. And yet, this wonderland Earth is a planet with promise. If we are to realize the abundant life for all time, both policy and ethics must enlarge the scope of concern.


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Anthropocene Epoch
sustainable biosphere
wonderland Earth
culture and nature
end of nature
managed nature
environmental crisis


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