Analysis of multi-channel wind loading using proper orthogonal decomposition

Adhikari, Rajendra, author
Bienkiewicz, Bogusz, advisor
Chen, Suren, committee member
Sakurai, Hiroshi, committee member
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Wind tunnel testing utilizing multi-channel pressure measurement system leads to large volume of the acquired wind pressure data. In the presented research, use of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD), to analyze such data, is described. Wind pressure time series acquired for a generic low-rise building were used in the analysis. First, the pressure covariance matrices were calculated. They were subsequently used to determine the pressure eigenvalues and the eigenfunctions. These quantities were next employed to calculate the POD principal coordinates. Finally, the eigenvectors and the principal coordinates were used to reconstruct the pressure time series. This analysis was carried out for pressures exerted on the whole building and on its distinct surfaces - side walls and roof. The convergence of the pressure time series reconstruction was inspected. The mean, standard deviation and the peak values of the reconstructed pressure were evaluated. The effects of wind direction on the original and reconstructed pressures were investigated. The POD modal contributions and the convergence of the pressure reconstruction were quantified. Overall, the obtained results were found to be consistent with findings of related POD studies reported by other researchers. High spatial and temporal resolutions of the wind loading data used in the present research made possible refined quantification of the effects of the studied parameters.
2014 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
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