Study of the factors that affect attitudes towards reporting sexual assault of females at Colorado State University

Cordova, Caitlyn L., author
Downey, Eleanor, author
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The purpose of this study was to determine the factors discourage female students at Colorado State University from reporting sexual assault incidences to the police or other law enforcement agencies. For the purpose of this study sexual assault was defined as any sexual contact without consent, this includes but is not limited to: touching of intimate body areas, intercourse, or penetration. This study was done using a questionnaire to survey 100 females on the CSU campus. The survey consisted of 27 questions that assessed the respondents 19 attitudes about reporting the assault based on individual feelings about sexual assault, circumstances related to the assault, and individual characteristics. The questionnaire also contained 2 questions related to the respondents 19 knowledge of and willingness to use resources on the CSU campus and/or in the Fort Collins community and 4 questions that collected demographic information about the respondents.
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Rape victims -- Colorado -- Attitudes
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