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A methodology for estimating detectable change in water quality due to prescribed fire in northern Colorado




Lange, Robert William, author

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Increases in nutrients and metals in receiving waters have been documented after wildfire. However, water quality impacts from prescribed fire are not well known. This research investigated the design of a post-fire water quality monitoring program using a pre-fire dataset to detect water quality changes from prescribed fire. Since water quality changes due to land use practices are often difficult to detect due to high natural variability, a paired watershed approach was implemented. Two small watersheds were selected in the Cache la Poudre watershed in Northern Colorado and monitored for one year, resulting in 14 pre-fire water quality samples. A single station and paired approach, which consider statistical power are presented and the minimum detectable change is calculated for a range of post-fire sample sizes. Samples from the Bobcat Fire in the Big Thompson Watershed near Drake, Colorado are used to evaluate the results. These results show that with 16 post-fire samples a change of less than 1% of the difference between pre-firewater quality samples and samples from the Bobcat Fire can be detected for most parameters with a statistical power of 80%. The paired watershed approach is shown to reduce the minimum detectable change by half for parameters that are correlated between the two watersheds.


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Water quality -- Colorado
Prescribed burning -- Colorado


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