Moths of Western North America 3. Distribution of Arctiidae of Western North America. Part 1. Text, maps, and references

Ferguson, Douglas C., author
Opler, Paul A., author
Smith, Michael J., author
Donahue, Julian P., author
C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, publisher
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This is the third of a series of atlases detailing the distributional occurrence of the moths of western North America. Part 1 of the atlas of western Arctiidae covers the documented distribution of a group of Lepidoptera with many well-known and brightly colored species. Yet despite their bright colors the taxonomic relationships in some genera are unclear and there are undescribed North American species in at least four genera (Crambidia, Euchaetes, Holomelina, and Grammia).
Includes bibliographical references (pages 16-24).
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Arctiidae -- West (U.S.) -- Geographical distribution
Arctiidae -- Canada, Western -- Geographical distribution
Arctiidae -- Mexico, North -- Geographical distribution
Arctiidae -- West (U.S.) -- Maps
Arctiidae -- Canada, Western -- Maps
Arctiidae -- Mexico, North -- Maps
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