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Hispanic-serving institution lobbyists: the influence of formative experiences on college-access policy discussions




Heredia-Griego, Meriah E., author
Anderson, Sharon, advisor
Davies, Timothy, committee member
Sagás, Ernesto, committee member
Sierra, Christine, committee member

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Lobbyists are increasingly a central part of the administration at higher-education institutions. The purpose of this study was to explore the formative life experiences, regarding race and racism, of lobbyists for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)-institutions with 25% or more Hispanic student enrollment-and how those lobbyists discussed access to higher education for undocumented students. The study describes how the participants constructed identities for themselves and undocumented students in a policy discussion, and it describes the role of HSIs in this timely policy discussion. To accomplish these goals, I used a qualitative research design that integrates elements of narrative inquiry and case study. I used holistic content analysis and dialogic/performance analysis to understand the relationship between formative life experiences and policy discussions. Additionally, descriptive and substantive representation theories provide a framework for critiquing the representation of undocumented students in HSI lobbying efforts. This first-of-its-kind case study informs lobbyist hiring practices, lobbying behaviors, policy discussions, and alignment of institutional values with lobbying initiatives at HSIs.


2013 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.

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dialogic performance
education lobbyists
government relations
Hispanic serving institutions
identity construction


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