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Remote monitoring and operation at the Colorado River Irrigation District




Ruiz, Victor, author
Navarro, Julio, author
Paredes, Mario, author
Andrade, Bernardo, author
Anguiano, José, author
Delgado, Francisco, author
Begovich, Ofelia, author
Ramirez, Javier, author
U.S. Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, publisher

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The Colorado River Irrigation District is the last irrigation district and water user on the Colorado River. It obtains 80% of the allocated volume to the district from the Colorado River. The inflow to the district presents fluctuations. The first 27 km of the mail canal are used as buffer reservoir. Between 2002 and 2004 to improve water management, the National Water Commission, Mexican federal agency responsible of water reclamation, installed a remote monitoring system for the head control structures. The system was integrated around MODBUS as communication protocol, Lookout from National Instruments as man machine interface, SCADAPack from Control Microsystems as remote terminal units, "The Probe" from Milltronics as level sensors, Transpak potentiometer transmitters for gate opening and MDS 4710 and 4910 radios from Microwave Data Systems for communication. The remote monitoring system installed was complemented with the remote operation of one control structures. The system starts operation on February of 2005. The remote monitoring system reduces the time required to know, to quantify and to correct the flow and level fluctuations present on the head control structures.


Presented at SCADA and related technologies for irrigation district modernization: a USCID water management conference on October 26-29, 2005 in Vancouver, Washington.

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