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Saturated high-repetition-rate 18.9-nm tabletop laser in nickellike molybdenum




Shlyaptsev, V. N., author
Rocca, Jorge J., author
Marconi, M. C., author
Berrill, M., author
Alessi, D., author
Larotonda, M. A., author
Wang, Y., author
Luther, B. M., author
Optical Society of America, publisher

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We report saturated operation of an 18.9-nm laser at 5-Hz repetition rate. An amplification with a gain-length product GL of 15.5 is obtained in the 4d 1S0―4p 1P1 laser line of Ni-like Mo in plasmas heated at grazing incidence with ~1-J pulses of 8.1-ps duration from a tabletop laser system. Lasing is obtained over a broad range of time delays and pumping conditions. We also measure a GL of 13.5 in the 22.6-nm transition of the same ion. The results are of interest for numerous applications requiring high-repetition-rate lasers at wavelengths below 20 nm.


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