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Advances in single-pixel imaging toward biological applications




Winters, David G., author
Bartels, Randy, advisor
Marconi, Mario C., committee member
Prasad, Ashok, committee member
Bernstein, Elliot R., committee member

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In this work, we discuss two new methods for single-pixel imaging. First, we leverage advances in laser metrology and frequency synthesis to measure small shifts in the center frequency of an optical pulse. Pulses acquire such shifts when probing a transient optical susceptibility, as in impulsive stimulated Raman scattering, which we use to demonstrate the technique. We analyze the limits of this technique with regard to fundamental noise, and predict detection sensitivity in these limiting cases. We then present work on imaging in two dimensions, both x-y and x-z, using single element detectors. We accomplish this by multiplexing spatial frequency projections in time, allowing rapid two dimensional imaging without an imaging detector. As we eliminate the imaging detector, the sensitivity to scattering is dramatically decreased, allowing the method to be used deep in scattering tissue. Results are shown for several geometries and experimental configurations, demonstrating imaging capabilities across a variety of sample types, including fluorescent and biological samples.


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