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Analysis of agriculture injuries using workers' compensation data


Background. In the United States, agriculture is among the most hazardous of industries. The lack of information regarding agriculture injuries has been recognized as an obstacle to effective injury prevention efforts. Methods. Three separate but related studies analyzed workers' compensation data to elucidate injury and claimant characteristics associated with agriculture injuries. Specific emphasis was placed on tractor-related and livestock-handling injuries. Results. Results indicated high injury rates among workers employed by dairy farms, cattle/livestock raisers, and cattle dealers. Large proportions of injuries were associated with tractor mounting and dismounting, milking, cattle pinning/sorting, and horseback riding activities. Tractor-related and livestock-handling work injuries are a significant problem, more costly, and result in more time off work than other agriculture injuries. Conclusions. Injury prevention efforts should be directed at livestock-handler education, dairy parlor and livestock-handling facility design, and tractor design characteristics related to tractor mounting and dismounting.


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agriculture injuries
occupational injuries
workers' compensation


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