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I feel everything: a collection of essays




LaPorte, Traisha, author
Thompson, Debby, advisor
Coke, Pamela, committee member
Mallette, Dawn, committee member

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This thesis is a collection of several essays, in the style of personal essay, which follow the life of a young woman grappling with trauma, anxiety, and, ultimately, self-love. The collection begins with "Lace," a musing over the question of whether or not inherited trauma in families from parents ultimately forms who the child will become. This essay is followed by "The Men in my Life: A Glossary of Terms," a micro-essay about the ways in which we develop an understanding of relationships based on prescriptive terminology. Next, "Eternal Shit-Cloud of Doom" uses a humorous incident to examine how chronic anxiety affects relationships and self-worth. Finally, the collection ends with "Anjelica," an essay in memoriam, which explores innocence lost to senseless violence and the unending questions that come with the grieving process. These pieces are intended to form a partial narrative of a young, self-deprecating yet loveable mess, who might just be able to heal not only herself through her story, but others who have dealt with similar issues.


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