Damage to extreme-ultraviolet Sc/Si multilayer mirrors exposed to intense 46.9-nm laser pulses

Artioukov, I. A., author
Vinogradov, A. V., author
Kondratenko, V. V., author
Sevryukova, V. A., author
Voronov, D. L., author
Zubarev, E. N., author
Pershyn, Yu. P., author
Rocca, Jorge J., author
Menoni, C. S., author
Vaschenko, G., author
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The damage threshold and damage mechanism of extreme-ultraviolet Sc/Si multilayer mirror coatings are investigated with focused nanosecond pulses at 46.9-nm radiation from a compact capillary-discharge laser. Damage threshold fluences of ~0.08 J/cm2 are measured for coatings deposited on both borosilicate glass and Si substrates. The use of scanning and transmission electron microscopy and small-angle x-ray diffraction techniques reveals the thermal nature of the damage mechanism. The results are relevant to the use of newly developed high-flux extreme-ultraviolet sources in applications.
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