An estimated system of demand for specialty potato varieties: marketing implications from a multi-city comparison

Huber, Christopher C., author
Bond, Jennifer, advisor
Costanigro, Marco, committee member
Hoffman, Doug, committee member
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The decline in annual fresh potato consumption in the U.S. has been especially difficult for the Colorado potato industry since their product is primarily targeted for the fresh market. A more recent trend, which may provide opportunity for the Colorado potato industry, is reported growth in consumer interest in fresh specialty potatoes. Through an analysis of market level data, the objective of this research project is to inform the marketing efforts of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee and individual potato growers in Colorado on the emerging specialty potato market opportunities that may exist. Deaton and Muellbauer's (1980) linear approximate almost ideal demand system is used to recover and compare price and expenditure elasticities for eight potato varieties across five U.S. cities. Results from this project indicate that significant differences exist in consumer behavior for specialty potato varieties relative to the well-established Russet potato. Specifically, the modeling techniques used in this paper find that consumers are often more sensitive to changes in the price of specialty potatoes relative to the well-established Russet potato.
2012 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
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consumer demand
specialty potato varieties
linear approximate almost ideal demand system
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