Green practice: development of a cultural model for contemporary western Buddhism at the eyes of compassion Sangha and their engagement with climate change issues

Burd, Megan M., author
Snodgrass, Jeffrey, advisor
Sherman, Kathleen, committee member
Sarenac, Darko, committee member
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As Buddhism moves globally, many shifts in the practice are currently taking place. This thesis examines both historical anthological concepts regarding Buddhist practices and societies, as well as contemporary analysis of the development of Buddhism in the United States and beyond. Working with several Buddhist practitioners in Colorado, the question of how practitioners of Buddhism engage with the issue of climate change. Responses and contemporary research are fused to create a cognitive model of how contemporary Buddhists in a particular Sangha group might think about and engage with the issue. A picture on how these Buddhist practitioners engage with and enact their thoughts on issues of climate change derive from this cultural model, as well as from surveys, interviews, and participants observations.
2010 Spring.
Includes bibliographic references.
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Print version deaccessioned 2022.
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Buddhism and science
Climatic changes
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